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AICHUN BEAUTY Men Women Abdominal Muscle Cream Anti Cellulite Slimming Fat Burning Cream for Good Figure 170g

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Type: Abdominal Muscle Cream

Fuction: Remove Fat,Muscle Strong,Anti Cellulite,Fat Burning,Abdominals Weight Loss.

How to use:


  1. Take the right amount of gel evenly on the lower abdomen.
  2. massage the abdomen, back and forth up and down massage for 5-10 minutes, until completely absorbed cream.
  3. Throughout the process there will be a slight fever feeling skin, morning and evening once.
  4. Recommendations with regular habits and a healthy diet in order to achieve better results.


Tips: put on the abdomen may have a slight fever feeling, when you first use, please put a little less, so that the skin has a process of adaptation.After three hours can be applied generally cleaning, or bathing is recommended smear campaign.