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AICHUN BEAUTY Whitening Cream Natural Underarm Lightening and Brightening Deodorant Cream Armpit Whitening Body Creams Underarm Repair Between Legs Knees Private Part

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Skin whitening. Fresh and not greasy. Moisturizing.

Give your a well-groomed and beautiful look.

Helps repair cracked skin.

Hydrates and brightens skin. Nourishes the skin.

A nourishing moisturizing milk. Moisturizes and eliminates dryness.

Replenishes reserves of moisture in the skin, makes the skin soft, fresh and hydrated.

Beautiful and smooth skin. Improves the condition of dry skin, gives freshness and comfort, makes the skin silky and supple.

Skin renewal. Improves skin condition, gently cares for sensitive skin, improves skin tone.

Product efficacy: the product restores and softens dry and rough skin, restores chapped skin and brightens skin tone.

Suitable for skin: darkened skin, chapped, dry and rough foot skin.

Method of use: apply the cream to clean foot skin and wait for 15 minutes until completely absorbed, use 2-3 times a week. Gentle care for the delicate skin.