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BIOAQUA Snail Prime Moisturizing Night Mask Cream Mucus Essence

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About the product:

The original sleeping mask with essence of snail mucus.
Moisturizing night mask.
Snail mucus has amazing healing properties for skin,
reduces the problems of dry skin and makes skin soft and moisturized.

  • Replenishes skin with essential moisture
  • Solves the problems of dry skin
  • Makes skin moisturized and elastic

Soft texture allows the mask to easily absorb into skin and effectively moisturize skin.

Gentle nourishment.
Gently nourishes skin, softens and makes skin tender.

Elastic skin.
Nourishes and smoothes skin, making it elastic.

Snail mucus essence.
The snail mucin extract has a regenerative effect,
helps to renew skin texture and softens skin.

Tender and silky skin.
Mask provides nourishing care for skin during a night's sleep, moisturizes and softens skin.

Method of use:

1. Clean your skin directly before bedtime .
2. Take a suitable amount of face mask and apply evenly to the face skin avoiding the areas of eyes and lips.

3. Gently massage skin until mask absorbs.

4. After a night's sleep, your skin will be moisturized and soft.


Water, snail concentrate, arbutin, butylene glycol, glycerin, collagen, trehalose, hyaluronic acid, carbomer, potassium hydroxide, cetyl hard alcohol, perfume.

Net weight: 4,23 oz.(120g)