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Black Bio Collagen Crystal Facial Eye Mask

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About the Product:

  • The main ingredients in these mask is collagen, vitamin c, vitamin e, hyaluronic acid, pro vitamin B5, purified water etc. All of these amazing ingredients are wonderful for the skin and really help to plump up any dry areas and aid in the elimination of dark circles and fine lines.
  • The collagen is really helpful in the speed-up of cell & collagen rejuvenation. With repeated use you can found that there is a definite increase in the elasticity in the contour of the eye orbital and a significant reduction in under eye bags and sags. It has definitely helped to brighten and listen under your eyes.
  • The ingredients are all natural and are very quickly absorbed into the skin. Since the under eye area tends to have thinner skin you can feel like the ingredients are absorbed. Once you place the under mask onto the fave you will feel it gradually start to dissolve because of your body temperature which allows it to quickly permeate deeply into your skin, sending the nutrients and moisture that your skin is craving if you have dry skin.
  • You will be able to tell that the ingredients are being absorbed into the skin because once you remove the mask you can visibly measure that the thickness of the mask will have diminished from 2mm to 1mm or less. The absorption rate of these mask is more than 98%.
  • This the collagen comes from natural cactus plant which is a provider of some of the best and most dense collagen that the body can naturally absorb quickly and easily and without fear of chemical garbage or parabens it's also great that there is no sticky-ness with the eye patches. That you can feel like you get an immediate lifting feeling to the skin.


  1. Cleanse and thoroughly dry your face.
  2. After opening the foil package and peel off the plastic liner, for the best result, use the facial mask immediately after opening the foil package.
  3. Apply the facial maskas shown, smooth the mask gently to ensure good contact with the skin. Wear the facial mask for about 30 minutes or wear the facial mask while you sleep (Do not more than12 hours).
  4. Remove the facial mask gently. Do not reuse the facial mask. Use it 2-3 times a week, or use it every day if needed.


  • For external using only.
  • Avoid using it on high degree sunburn or scratched skin.
  • Avoid using on sensitive skin.
  • Stop using if any irritation occurs.
  • Keep out of reach from children.

Shelf Life: 2 years.


Collagen, glycerin, hyaluronic acid, pearl, vitamin c, etc.