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Miss Rose 4 Kind 24 Colors Eyeshadow Palette Makeup Eyeline

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Colorful and long lasting eye charm.
Long charm of different colors!
Try to create your own stylish eye makeup!

Eye makeup skills :

  1. Apply the shadow with your fingers or a brush to apply shadow to the entire surface of the eyelid.
  2. Then, apply eye shadow from the lash edge toward the other corner of the eye, as shown on the photo.
  3. Apply eye shadow along the lash again upwards.


Easy to color, suitable for beginners.

1 Step

First of all, apply the primer on the eyelids, it is used to lighten the skin and makes the eyes more bright.

2 Step

Evenly apply the eyeshadow of dark brown color with a brush, starting from the middle of the upper eyelid and ending angle of the eye.

3 Step

Apply the eyeshadow of pearly white in the eye corners, so that your eyes will become brighter and visually expressive. Apply eyeshadow pale pink color along the lower lash line.
4 Step

Apply a pink eyeshadow on the lower lash line growth from the middle of the eye to the outer edge, simulating the use of eyeliner.

Tips for types of eyes:

Eye type 1
Small Eyes

To visually enlarge the small and deep-set eyes, use dark eye shadow, applying them after eyeliner.

Eye type 2
Round eyes

Apply dark colored eye shadow to the outer upper corner of the eye, it will give them a more refined form.

Eye type 3
Convex eyes

For convex eyes should be selected gray eyeshadow.

Eye type 4
Elongated eyes

From the inner corner of the eye to the middle of the eyelid applied light color eyeshadow, then from the middle of the eyelid to the outer corner apply dark color eyeshadow.

Eye type 5
Close-set eyes

Apply bright deep color eyeshadow from the outer corner of the eye to the middle of the eyelid. So you can visually enlrge the distance between the eyes.

Eye type 6
Far set eyes

In order to make the distance between the eyes visually shorter, apply some eyeshadow in the inner corners of the eyes.


Talc, mica, mineral oil, titanium dioxide, magnesium stearate, isopropyl palmitate, lanolin, methylparaben, propylparaden, may.